lenziran.com - Lenziran videos and news about Iran Lenziran is an independent video web site for providing inside visual look to Iranian affairs . Lenziran is the sister of khandaniha.eu & khaandaniha.com which are Persian language news and report media outlets about Iran : www.khaandaniha.com Lenziran videos are mostly exclusive but it will use other clips from other web sites if interesting . Please send us your suggestions . Lenziran is not publishing porno or other kind of videos which are offensive to public values Lenziran try to promote the freedom of speech , human rights and democracy for Iran . Please send your emails to lenziranvideo[at]gmail.com ————————- ADVERTISING IN LENZIRAN Lenziran website is an independent media outlet visited daily by thousands of visitors mainly Iranians , whole over the world and specially Europe and United states . It is a great place to introduce your products and services to a large number of audience with potential spending power


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