Ghal'eh Dokhtar - Qal'eh Dokhtar

Ghal'eh Dokhtar - Qal'eh Dokhtar - Qal'eh Dokhtar, Ghale Dokhtar , Dezh Dokhtar (Persian: دژ دختر‎, "The Maiden Castle"), is a castle made by Ardashir I, in present day Kerman, Iran, in 209 AD. It is located on a mountain slope near the Firouzabad-Kerman road. The name of the castle implies it was dedicated to the Goddess Anahita, to whom the term "Maiden" refers. After capturing Isfahan and Kerman from the Parthians, Ardashir (re)built the city of Gur near the castle in Pirouzabad, making it his capital. After defeating Ardavan V ( Artabanus V ), the Parthian king in a great battle in 224 AD, he built the Palace of Ardashir nearby the Dezh Dokhtar structure. Ardashir's grandfather was a prominent priest of the Goddess Anahita at the nearby temple of Darabgird, "City of Darius." The castle is built on a high bluff which overlooks the river and roadway running south from Fars. The entrance to the castle is through a tall gateway within a large, rectangular tower. Inside, a broad stairway leads up to a rectangula


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