Istakhr - Estakhr

Istakhr - Estakhr - Istakhr - Estakhr | Estakhr (Middle Persian: Stakhr, Persian: استخر‎ Istakhar) was an ancient city located in southern Iran, in Fars province, five kilometers north of Persepolis. It was a prosperous city during the time of Achaemenid Persia. Estakhr first appears in history as an Achaemenid city in present-day Fârs Province, Iran. It gained its importance not only from its close association with Persepolis: it also commanded the western end of an ancient caravan-route that ran from the Indus Valley via Kandahar and Sistan to Persia.[1] The city temporarily became the capital of Sassanian Persia during the reign of Ardashir I (224-242) before the capital moved to Ctesiphon. During the Sasanid period (224-651) the royal treasury of the empire, known as ganj ī šāhīgān, is said to have been in Estakhr. In 915-916, Masʿūdī himself saw in a house at Estakhr owned by a Persian noble, "the large and very fine manuscript" of a work copied in 731 from original documents in the


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