Persepolis and Ancient Iran

Persepolis and Ancient Iran - This document is a catalog of 999 photographs contained in an Oriental Institute text/microfiche publication entitled Persepolis and Ancient Iran. With an introduction by Ursula Schneider, former Oriental Institute photographer, it presents a comprehensive survey of archaeological sites in the environs of Persepolis. The catalog is divided into four sections, summarizing the major areas of investigation: the architecture, reliefs, and finds of the Palaces at Persepolis; the prehistoric mound of Tall-i-Bakun; Istakhr, the Islamic city mound; and the aerial survey flights conducted between 1935 and 1937. Each section describes the vast accumulation of artifacts uncovered and the buildings reconstructed out of the ruins of this ancient Persian capital. In addition, the expedition's aerial survey explorations are detailed, which constituted an important contribution to archaeological research techniques.


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